CEMA presents European industry report

CEMA, the European Agricultural Machinery Association, published its 2022 Industry Report. The report includes detailed characteristics and key figures of the industry represented by CEMA. It also includes figures on the farm machinery industry in a global perspective.

The report provides a complete overview of the agricultural machinery industry in Europe, based on the latest figures available. "The farm machinery industry is a fundamental part of the agri-food system", according to CEMA. Agricultural machinery manufacturers develop and provide high quality equipment to farmers, cooperatives and contractors that allow the production of safe and nutritious food.

Mindful of the need to transition food systems to ensure they are more sustainable, resilient and innovative, the European Agricultural Machinery Industry proposes advanced equipment, services and technologies adapted to the needs of all European farmers. Technological innovation and modern agricultural machinery are instrumental to reignite the green transition in Europe. "Sustainable farming is a shared future, for the common benefit of citizens, farming communities, and the industries."

The report includes highlights on very current topics, with a focus on the effect of Russia's war against Ukraine on the agricultural equipment, parts and components flows in Europe, and on agricultural robots.

Also statistics on the farm machinery industry in a global perspective, are included in the report.

Download 2022 CEMA Industry Report

CEMA presents European industry report

Jeudi 22 décembre 2022

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