Alliance Agriflex+ 372 now in 18 SKU’s

Alliance released 3 new Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s) of the Agriflex+ 372 radial tire for tractors and harvesters. With new SKU’s VF800/70R42, VF710/70R42 CFO and VF900/60R42, and another 15 new SKU’s released in 2022, a total of 18 SKU’s of Alliance Agriflex+ 372 (VF or Very High Flexion) tires are now available.

In order to highlight positive practical experience by solid data, a scientific field experiment was conducted by the Danish research body SEGES Innovation in 2021. The results of the field studies revealed the positive effects of Alliance’s Very High Flexion (VF) tires in comparison to conventional tires. Tested on a tractor-trailer-combination, the low inflation pressure of the Agriflex+ 372 and the Agriflex+ 389 tires cut the track depth during the application of liquid manure in half. At the same time, wheel slip was reduced by 4.4 percent, and measurements with a penetrometer showed lower soil compaction in the ‘VF tire tracks’ in the soil zone from 0 to 40 cm. Furthermore, maize yields in the tracks on ‘VF tire plots’ exceeded those of the tracks on the ‘conventional tire plots’ significantly by about 12.9 harvest units per hectare, i.e. by about 10 percent. Thanks to Alliance VF tires – and depending on the working width of the liquid manure spreader – these results translate to yield increases between 1.5 and 2.2 per cent per hectare and calculated profit gains due to higher yields and reduced tire slippage of up to almost 80 EUR per hectare.

There is equal appreciation from Guillaume Comte with a farming business which provides a full service for a few neighbours in France. After mounting the Agriflex+ 372 on a first tractor, the experience was so satisfying that a second tractor was equally equipped with these tires. Guillaume Comte reports: “What I find very interesting about Alliance is that it allows me to avoid or not to consider costly tire solutions. In addition to having regained traction and comfort on the road, we have less impact on the ground in wet conditions and this is clearly progress that is allowed by the Flex technology. (…) The other interesting thing is the price-quality ratio for replacement tires providing fantastic traction and almost maximum comfort. For the time being, I am very happy with the overall offer.”

Agriflex+ 372 at a glance

The construction with increased sidewall flexibility enables the tire to carry up to 40 per cent more load at the same pressure as compared to a standard tractor radial. The tire also offers a large footprint that reduces soil pressure and the resulting risk of soil compaction. In order to protect the soil against compaction under all circumstances, the Agriflex+ 372 is also able to carry the same load as a conventional radial tractor tire at a 40 per cent lower tire inflation pressure. In addition to markedly reduced soil pressure, the tire range ensures a comfortable ride for the driver both in the field and on the road. The larger footprint enables high traction, reduces fuel costs and increases overall operational productivity. The R-1W lug pattern provides excellent grip as well as long tire life on hard surfaces. In terms of load carrying capacity, roadability, soil protection and traction, the Alliance Agriflex+ 372 delivers a clear 10/10. Low downtime, efficiency increases and reduced fuel consumption further add to the convincing performance of the tubeless tire with its directional pattern, steel-belt and stubble guard tread compound.

The new SKU’s

VF480/60R28VF600/60R38VF540/65R38VF600/60R34VF650/85R38VF650/65R42VF650/60R38VF650/65R38VF520/60R28 VF650/60R34 VF540/65R30VF710/75R38 VF750/70R44 VF750/75R46 VF650/85R42 VF710/70R42 VF800/70R42 VF900/60R42

Alliance Agriflex+ 372 now in 18 SKU’s

Jeudi 16 mars 2023

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